Harbor House Serves Up Oysters, Beer & A Side Of History

Harbor House 1

After 128 years serving as the NYC Department of Docks, the Harbor police station and a fireboat station for the NYFD, Pier A is now home to Harbor House. This spectacular, three-floor restaurant complex offers some of the best views you’ll find in lower Manhattan… a lot more.

The first floor is now open as a beer/oyster bar with a nautical-themed long hall overlooking the harbor. The bar is unique to say the least! Covered with exposed pipes with gauges, fuse boxes and a search light from and old steamship, it has dozens of beers on tap and lots of oysters to choose from.

The second floor, slated to open early 2015, will house a multi-room restaurant featuring options inspired by the Hudson River Valley. The third floor is a private party space with amazing views of the harbor and lower Manhattan.

It took four years and a lot of work to restore the Harbor House from its dismal state in 2010.  You should swing by for a look at the dramatic transformation. . . and some oysters and a beer.