In A World Where Caffeine Is More Than A Basic Blend

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By: Jaclyn Slimm

Before squeezing into the only empty chair in the back of Corporate Cafe X and setting up your station (laptop, laptop charger, external hard drive, cell phone, cell phone charger, latte, scone, etc.), consider taking a more indie approach to your caffeine while hanging in Lower Manhattan. In this neighborhood, you don’t need to pay for overpriced coffee that leaves your mouth tasting like Styrofoam and is served by grumpy staff!

Check out my picks of LM shops that do it differently, with genuinely nice staff working the roasters and serving up robust richness in true style.

With many “alt kids” commuting to the ‘hood for work and play, the coffee culture scene in Lower Manhattan has been entirely revamped. If you haven’t had a chance to explore yet, there are a few places that you shouldn’t miss – and not just for the coffee! A lot of the cafes are stocking organic sandwiches, salads, juices, vegan treats and more. Kaffe 1668 (275 Greenwich Street) is a super-hip spot very close to the Chambers St. subway station. The crowd is convivial, the coffee is delicious, and yes, they accept cards.

Another favorite of mine is Blue Spoon (90 William Street & 76 Chambers Street). Creative latte art is one thing, but for Blue Spoon, the baristas really make it charming. The baked goods from Balthazar are definitely a nice touch, and lately, I’ve been grabbing a hot apple cider to bring on more autumnal vibes when heading back to the office.

Not to be missed is definitely Bluestone Lane (30 Broad Street). Aside from the cafe; being located inside of a repurposed art deco vestibule, the Australian espresso, Flat Whites and model staff – Β the coffee itself is really, truly, indubitably, beyond-tasty delicious. It will wake you up too πŸ˜‰ If you’re hungry, definitely order the Avocado Smash.

My advice? Don’t ever neglect a craving for coffee – but, also, grab a seat (and WiFi) at one of these independent cafe’s to experience the new scene and hub of creativity buzzing about Lower Manhattan.