All That Glitters

By Justin Dizon

The art of jewelry making has long been central to the culture of Native peoples of the Southwestern United States. To give the world at large a glimpse into this resplendent tradition, the National Museum of the American Indian has organized a fascinating and eye-catching exhibit: “Glittering World: Navajo Jewelry of the Yazzie Family.”

Focusing on the gifted Yazzie family of Gallup, New Mexico — one of the most celebrated jewelry making families — the exhibit features almost 300 examples of contemporary jewelry and reflects the persistence of cultural values, including beauty, centering and balance.  “Glittering World” shows how Navajo jewelry making fits into a broader historical context of art and commerce and chronicles its development as a form of cultural expression.

The exhibit is open now and runs through January 16, 2016.  Oh, and admission is FREE!