Tour The Canyon Of Heroes

Soon, you’ll be able to experience every single ticker-tape parade New York City has ever had!

These traditional celebrations have been held on Broadway between the Battery and City Hall since 1886. To commemorate each parade along this “Canyon of Heroes,” the Alliance for Downtown New York embedded granite markers into the sidewalks of lower Broadway.  Its most recent marker was laid down in honor of the 50th anniversary of the 1964 World Series win by the Staten Island Mid-Island Little League team.  The team’s coach along with six of the original team members were reunited by the Alliance for the tribute.

In honor of this occasion, the Alliance also announced it will be unveiling a new application that provides a true Lower Manhattan experience with the “Canyon of Heroes”.  This free app allows you to take the same route up Broadway and interact as you walk across each strip that commemorates a particular parade honoring its hero.  From sports figures to popes, from world leaders to astronauts, you’ll be able to honor and celebrate them all!

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