New & Old Money Meet At Cedar Local

There’s a new reason to visit Cedar Street.

A sleek, soothing, wood-paneled refuge, Cedar Local is a perfect place for an after-work drink and a quiet talk with friends. The owners, natives of Lower Manhattan, sought to create a “local bar that’s everything we wanted as locals ourselves.” It’s a cozy place — you might stop in for one drink but find yourself settling in for a while.

There are nine craft beers and a diverse selection of wines. With a “celebrated master mixologist,” Cedar Local offers a host of signature cocktails. The wide-ranging and inventive cocktail list is split into two categories: “Old Money” and “New Money.” You “Old Money” folks might opt for a “Mint Julep.” “New Money” types can try the “Whiskey Rebellion”.

If you need some sustenance, the menu offers some tasty and tempting options: zucchini pancakes, steak kabobs, risotto balls, and fried banana cheesecake.