DJ Mickey D’s

By:  Jarrod Grim

The flagship McDonald’s at 160 Broadway has always marched to beat of its own drum. Opened in 1988, the location was designed to reflect the neighborhood and clientele who worked in the Financial District, with dark wood finishes, a doorman and live piano performances.

However, this is no longer your father’s Financial District and Wall Street crowd. “We saw the changing dynamic in Lower Manhattan and wanted our location to attract a younger, tech-driven clientele,” said owner Paul Goodman. With financial services and insurance firms being replaced by technology, advertising, and media companies, led by Conde Nast’s arrival to One World Trade Center, McDonald’s wanted its location to reflect  the new downtown. It is one of 15 pilot restaurants in the nation to experiment with Duracell powermats.  Installed in the tables, the powermats allow guests to wirelessly charge their smartphones. While in order to use the charging feature, customers will need access to specialized smartphone cases. AT&T will soon have this changing feature built into all of their smartphones.

In addition to a new customized store design, the grand piano above the entrance was replaced with a live DJ. With an exclusive DJ playing five days a week during lunchtime and dinner hours, management is also interested in bringing in singer/songwriters and hopes to expand performances to seven days a week. The change has been welcomed by staff and guests, some even dancing down the hallway before they order. Now that’s something we can get behind – McNuggets in the McClub.