A little Philly Downtown

Lower Manhattan has a new Philly-themed sports bar specializing in wings, cheesesteaks, and all things that go great with an ice-cold beer or soda. Wogies, on Trinity Place at Rector, also has a sister restaurant in the West Village that has earned lots of praise for the juiciness of its wings and authenticity of its cheesesteaks, and earned a nod from Gothamist last fall as one of the best sports bars in NYC.

Wogies is named after owner Aaron Hoffman’s father, but no one except Hoffman’s mother knows where the nickname came from, and she isn’t telling. The menu is just as creatively named. There’s Garbage Bread, a loaf stuffed with different kinds of meats and cheeses, and sandwiches called the Don, Fat Jimmy, and Pookie (no relation as far as we know to Hoffman’s relatives).

Check out their menu,and grab a bite for lunch, or long after dinner. One tip before you order your cheesesteak: Know if you want it witterwitout.