Catch & Release

Catch & Release, a pop-up art installation in the South Street Seaport that just opened, is a celebration of the neighborhood’s post-Sandy resilience and recovery.

The interactive project, housed in a building on the East River Esplanade at South and John streets, centers on gratitude.

Visitors are invited to drop in, and write notes expressing thanks to all the people—from volunteers to city agencies to shop owners—who have made the recovery in the Seaport a reality.

The notes are attached to ropes, and then will be released to their recipients in a recognition ceremony in February, on a date to be determined.

“This is a creative way for people to take a moment, remember and recognize (all the people who helped out following the storm),” said Yeju Choi, the installation’s designer.

The project was created by AIGA, a professional association of graphic designers, and is supported by an innovation grant from ArtPlace America.