City of Water Day: A Free Day of Entertainment, Education & Adventure

On Saturday, July 20th from 10AM to 4PM the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance presents its sixth annual City of Water Day (CWD) – a free event that brings over 25,000 people together for recreational and educational activities on Governors Island, in Liberty State Park, and at other locations around the New York and New Jersey harbor.

CWD is the only harbor-wide event of its kind created to inspire the people of the NY-NJ region to work for a revitalized waterfront. This high-profile event is about improving public waterfront access and estuary education via guided boat tours, nature walks, fishing, kayaking, children’s activities, and more.

As part of CWD, the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance will present a robust program of activities for children and families including:

  • Touch tanks of crabs, fish, mussels, and jellyfish will bring to life invisible, but important, harbor residents
  • Waterfront-themed arts and crafts projects
  • Scavenger hunt focusing on the ecology, natural landscape, culture, flora and fauna, and history of the New York region
  • Age-appropriate demonstrations and water-related advocacy in interactive booths
  • Hands-on projects that teach the importance of reducing waste by recycling paper into beautifully decorated planters
  • Fishing opportunities in the New York Harbor, supervised by adult anglers
  • Harbor tour aboard a retired New York City Fire Boat, including exciting demonstrations of the boat’s powerful water cannons
  • Make a Wish on a Fish, an opportunity for families to decorate paper fish for display and record their hopes for waterfront parks in their neighborhoods
  • Apple pressing activity highlighting Dutch history and the role of apples in the emerging colonies
  • Tales of rivers, mermaids, and fish from New York’s finest storytellers

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