Washington Street Plaza Opens Just in Time for Summer

With all the lovey weather we’ve been having during work hours, there’s nothing more enjoyable than grabbing your lunch to-go and enjoying it outdoors. The question is, where to go? Lower Manhattan offers so many options from Zuccotti Park to Pier 15 to the Elevated Acre Plaza, and now…the newly opened Washington Street Plaza (between Albany and Carlisle Streets).

NYC DOT and the Downtown Alliance have partnered up to create this new public plaza in their ongoing efforts to alleviate sidewalk congestion and create new public open spaces that add seating and attractive landscaping to the neighborhood.

Opened to all residents, workers and visitors to enjoy, the plaza is equipped with movable tables and chairs, decorative planters and granite blocks.  There is also an information kiosk, operated by the Downtown Alliance, readily available to provide visitor information to all guests of Lower Manhattan.

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