McNuggets, McWraps and…McMusic?

You can always rely on McDonald’s to have burgers, fries and chicken (Mc)nuggets, but a little bit of Bach and the Beatles?

At 160 Broadway (between Maiden Lane and Liberty Street) stands a flag-ship McDonald’s that opened in 1988 and has had the melodic sounds of different talented pianists playing daily ever since. “Being so close to the Stock Exchange and the World Trade Center, we felt this would be a great location to do something different,” said owner Paul Goodman.

Different it is – being the only McDonald’s in the world to have pianists playing on a full-time schedule.  Their performance space is equipped with a Howard Baby Grand Piano and located in a small loft area overlooking the entrance.  “We currently have three pianists, and they play seven days a week.  Each pianist has their own unique style – playing a combination of original music and well known covers.”

With Lower Manhattan’s diverse mix of customers – from office employees and construction workers to tourists and students – you’re sure to get a diverse mix of reactions.  “Some customers are confused, some shocked and some barely notice,” explains Goodman, “but the reactions in general are usually great. The best is when they ask to play themselves.”


160 Broadway

(212) 385-2066

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