There’s a new power breakfast player in Lower Manhattan

Earlier this week, several colleagues and I visited Atrio Wine Bar / Restaurant for our Monday morning meeting. Atrio is set on the second floor of the newly opened Conrad New York Hotel in Battery Park City.

It wasn’t easy to choose a dish, but I calorie-splurged and dove into the grilled cinnamon brioche with mascarpone and strawberries. And the Atrio-branded Vermont maple syrup bottle was warm to the touch.

Since we had business to do, we took over the corner room – which can be enclosed for more private meetings (or celebrations!). The restaurant staff was incredibly attentive, and coffee was regularly replenished.

My colleagues seemed incredibly satisfied with the eggs benedict and the smoked salmon draped bagel. The menu also boasts stone oven baked egg whites, ricotta pancakes, and several types of bacon and sausage on the side (the turkey bacon was a perfect side).

Looking around, fellow diners were a mix of hotel guests, visitors to the area, and businessmen and women. Seems the ideal spot for a power breakfast (one colleague noted how short the walk was from the ferry from New Jersey, and I noticed our free Downtown Connection bus passes by right in front of the hotel).

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