Picture Lower Manhattan: Trinity Church Bell Tower

Recently, while exploring our photo archives for a special project, I came across some great photos that I thought were worth sharing.

The photos above were taken within the bell tower of Trinity Church – which we received a quick tour of during a Wi-Fi installation earlier this year.

The tower currently contains 23 change-ringing bells (12 of which were installed in 2006) that range from 600 to 2,400 pounds. Public ringing of the bells takes place before and after Trinity’s Sunday service, as well as on special occasions – such as 9/11 commemorations, weddings and ticker-tape parades.

This past June, students from the local  Leadership and Public Service High School rang the bells during their graduation ceremony at Trinity Church as part of a bell-ringing course they received throughout the school year that was developed in conjunction with Trinity’s All Our Children initiative – partnering churches with public schools.

[Photos by Jeremy Schneider]