Meet Our Staff: Farrkan and Juahhard Brooks

Brothers Farrkan and Juahard Brooks share more than just a last name. They also share a career as public safety officers for the Downtown Alliance.

Both men started at the nonprofit about a year ago and take the 45-minute commute together from Washington Heights to Lower Manhattan where they can enjoy the history and the landmarks that attracted them to the district.

“The neighborhood is very historic and diverse,” Farrkan said.

For Juahard, the best part of the job is meeting new people and helping them navigate the neighborhood. “The Downtown Alliance helped me communicate with people,” he said. “I enjoy helping tourists and local pedestrians find their way around Lower Manhattan.”

The brothers also reflected on their most memorable moments as public safety officers. Farrkan recalled helping a father find his lost child.

“The looks on their faces when they were reunited was priceless,” he said.

Juahard enjoyed the recent festivities in the Canyon of Heroes. “My favorite experience on the job was working the Giants ticker-tape parade,” he said.

When asked about being siblings as well as co-workers, Farrkan responded, “I’ve never worked with my brother before, but working with him now at the Downtown Alliance is no different than being off the clock. We have our disagreements and are always competitive, but we’re also always here to help each other out.”