Lights On…In Lower Manhattan

By Kelly Rush

I hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th holiday. I spent the day at the beach because it was much too hot to stay in my apartment all day and watch my cats, who actually pant and generally look even hotter than I feel. It is guilty escapism with a holiday twist. For this edition of Lights On, we see the Duane Reade presence expanding in Lower Manhattan, while a nightclub replaces a nightclub and several well-known names move to new homes. As usual, if you see any new retailers or spot changes to a long-time establishment, please email me at and I’ll check them out.

Duane Reade – 100 Broadway | (212) 227-2186

The newest Duane Reade feels a bit more like a department store than a pharmacy. The two-level space features several Duane Reade staples, such as the Up: Market brand with a few extras. There’s a café with selections of coffee and breakfast items, a self-serve, frozen yogurt bar, a salad bar, selections of soup plus a wide variety of grab-and-go options such as wraps and sandwiches. The bottom floor mainly is devoted to fresh food options while the upper floor contains the pharmacy, beauty sections, a large selection of greeting cards from the Papyrus brand and a lovely view of the Trinity churchyard.

Quest – 27 Park Place
(718) 300-9647

Replacing Club Remix is Quest, just a couple of hops from City Hall in case anyone there needs a refreshment break from running the city. They’re advertising “Escape After Work Thursdays” featuring dj’s, drink specials and food deals.


NYC Opera: Moved to a larger permanent space in the same building, Suite 1010 at 75 Broad Street

Downtown Florist: Moved from 125 Church Street to 25 Murray Street


Eastern Newsstand – lobby of 120 Broadway
Club Remix – 27 Park Place