New Re:Construction Installation Comes to Historic Chase Manhattan Plaza

Around the Corner by Greg Lamarche

It’s a city within a city – in Lower Manhattan.

While the renowned Chase Manhattan Plaza undergoes a facelift this year, the Downtown Alliance’s latest Re:Constuction project can now be viewed around the entire historic plaza.

“Now residents, workers and visitors around Chase Manhattan Bank can enjoy Greg Lamarche’s wonderful new addition to our program recasting construction sites as canvases for innovative public art and architecture,” said Liz Berger, President of the Downtown Alliance. “Re:Construction is an opportunity for government, artists, curators, property owners and business people to work together to make something beautiful. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Inspired by the dynamism of his native New York City and its culture, Greg Lamarche’s collages combine the city’s relentless rhythm and a dynamic use of color and strong geometric forms that interpret the power, elegance and rebelliousness of urban creativity. This installation is on Pine, Nassau, and Williams streets and the best views of the project can be seen on Pine and Nassau streets. Additional photos of the installation can be viewed here.

“Shapes inspired by block letters are repeated to form a complex graphic skyline of color,” Lamarche said of Around the Corner. “The three dimensional aspect causes the viewer at first to see the overall design as receding into the background. At closer examination the image also moves forward and projects into the viewer’s space. This back and forth tension simultaneously creates a feeling of invitation and sense of being overwhelmed.”

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