Developing Lower Manhattan: Fulton Center

The Fulton Center is more than 60 percent complete and on track for its scheduled June 2014 completion. Construction at the Fulton Center building continues to progress well. The curtain wall of the building is being installed, with some of the steel mullions already in and exterior glass delivery beginning this spring. The installation of the parasols at the top of the Fulton Center oculus, which will be used to direct sunlight down to the lowest levels of the Fulton Center, have been completed.

Across the street from the Fulton Center building, the new Dey Street entrance is nearing completion as floor and wall tiles, stair treads and electrical work are installed. The Dey Street entrance should open to the public later this summer.

Underground at the 4/5 Fulton Street Station, structural work at the northern end of the platform has been completed, strengthening a structure that was first opened to the public over 100 years ago as one of New York City’s first subway stations.

The Corbin Building, which is over 120 years old and is being restored and rehabilitated as part of the Fulton Center project, is getting a central HVAC system, installed for the first time in that building’s history.

The A/C Fulton Street Station mezzanine continues to receive new finishes, including floor tile and blue-tinted glass tiles on the mezzanine walls. Other components of the Fulton Center already were completed and opened for customer use, including the rehabilitated 2/3 Fulton Street Station, new 4/5 Fulton Street Station southern entrances, a new entrance at 135 William Street, and both platforms and an underpass at the R Cortlandt Street Station.