Meet Our Staff: Aisha Martin

Aisha Martin, a 22 year old lieutenant with the public safety department, currently handles dispatch calls for the Downtown Alliance public safety headquarters and recently received a Downtown Alliance public safety award for assisting the NYPD.

Aisha, who celebrated her four-year anniversary with the Downtown Alliance in April, loves everything about the job – especially when the weather is nice.

“I love the summertime,” she says. “The tourists come and ask you questions. It’s great showing them around.”

Currently a student at BMCC on Chambers Street, Aisha will be joining the NYC College of Technology in Brooklyn this fall and aspires to one day join the NYPD. When asked where she would like to be placed if employed by the NYPD she exclaimed, “Down here in Lower Manhattan with the Downtown Alliance!”

Aisha is excited about her new ventures, but says that she has her family at the Downtown Alliance to thank. “My colleagues are great. Really, just great,” she says. “We all get along.”

She also had a few special words for Ron Wolfgang, current Vice President of Operations here at the Downtown Alliance.

“Ronnie is your boss,” Aisha explained. “But at the same time, he’s also like a father figure. He’s always there to give you advice. He never steers you wrong.”