Meet a Lower Manhattan Business: Affina Beauty & Spa

Shine Guo didn’t want Affina Beauty & Spa to be another high-end service for the elite. Instead, she created a menu of manicures, facials and body treatments for everyone from executives to students.

“There are a lot of people looking for an affordable spa with good service,” said Guo, Affina’s general manager.

That doesn’t mean you won’t get the pomp and pampering you’d expect from an expensive spa. The scent of lavender wafts throughout the calming, grey-colored space. Treatments include a green tea body wrap to cleanse toxins and a chocolate sugar scrub for exfoliation. And waxes are carefully selected depending on skin type.

“Not every wax will work for everyone,” said Guo, explaining that Affina carries four waxes, including a zinc-based dip for customers with a history of ingrown hairs.

Affina Beauty & Spa

125 Church Street