Just What The Doctor Ordered

Recently, the New York Post described the Battery Park Regal Cinemas as crowd-free.

While it’s not my intention to give away all of Lower Manhattan’s secrets,  just as the Regal is the place to go for a movie, the NYU Langone Trinity Center is the district’s choice for most of your medical needs.

Located on the second floor at 111 Broadway, this modern, friendly facility offers a broad array of doctors, specialists and testing facilities. My experience, and those of several of my colleagues, has been overwhelmingly positive.

Checking in and out is efficient. Waiting times are minimal. Doctors are thorough both in their examinations and explanations.  And, they follow up with emails and even letters reminding you of tests or specialists you need to see.

While a visit to the doctor may not be high on your list of things you look forward to, this Center strives to take the pain out of the visit. The Center takes most insurance plans and has both general practitioners and specialists.

And, if there’s something you do need – a specialist or test – that’s not available there, the Center provides referrals to another NYU location.

So, the next time you need to make a doctor’s appointment, look no further than Lower Manhattan and give NYU Langone Trinity Center a try.