The Party Goes On

Broadway Crowds waiting

So now what, Sports Fans? You’ve made your pilgrimage. You’ve stood on the street for hours to pay your respects—to Eli, to Tom Coughlin, to the timeless pursuit of excellence.  And while your heart is filled with Big Blue pride, by now your throat is probably parched and your stomach is likely growling.

Here’s some advice. Stay here a little longer, in a 400-year-old neighborhood that knows a thing or two itself about the timeless pursuit of excellence. You need a hearty lunch and classic brew in a district that has mastered the art of roaring back—stronger, better, gloriously—again and again and again.

Let’s see. There’s Ryan Maguire’s Ale House at 28 Cliff Street,  or The Growler Bites & Brews at 55 Stone Street,  or Jim Brady’s Restaurant at 75 Maiden Lane, or the Porterhouse Brewing Co. at Fraunces Tavern at 58 Pearl Street, or Mad Dog & Beans at 83 Pearl Street.

And that’s just a sampling.  For a full list check our blog, Lower Manhattan Diary, or Twitter, or download our Downtown Mobile App that will provide you with information on everything that’s going on today—and places for you to celebrate after the parade.