Our Picks of Parade Pix

Well, the party is over – for now. Yesterday, the New York Giants were heralded as heroes in the Canyon of Heroes, a mile-long stretch of Broadway that drew hundreds of thousands of fans from across the region.

An intrepid crew of Downtown Alliance folks traversed the district to get images of the festivities, starting on the streets and ending up at City Hall, where Mayor Bloomberg handed keys to the city to team members.

We saw hearty fans, who camped out overnight in prime viewing spots. We watched people toss wads of confetti from high-rise office buildings. And we watched kids (yes, they obviously skipped school!) enjoying the parade.

Below are our Top Five images from the day. Enjoy!

Tom Coughlin (Head Coach, New York Giants)

Eli Manning (Super Bowl MVP)

David Tollefson (Defensive End, New York Giants)

Justin Tuck (Defensive End, New York Giants) holding the “Lombardi Trophy”