A Video Tour of Our New Wi-Fi Corridor

A couple of months ago, I once again had the fortune of climbing up to the roof of another building in Lower Manhattan, this time at 84 William Street. The plan was to place Wi-Fi access points on the top of the roof pointing down. But when we got up there, it was clear that wasn’t going to work because the building is so steep that no one would be able to use the Wi-Fi on the ground.

Plan B involved working with Taz, the retailer on the building’s ground floor; they were very happy to work with us, fortunately. This means we are proud to announce the creation of three more spaces where you can enjoy Wi-Fi in our neighborhood: Louise Nevelson Plaza (the little island between William Street, Maiden Lane and Liberty Street),  59 Maiden Lane (in front of Zeytuna’s and catty-corner to Louise Nevelson), and at the Churchyard at Trinity Church on Broadway.

But that’s not all we’ve done!

We’ve created the first Wi-Fi corridor in Lower Manhattan! At 168,000 square feet, it runs from the top of the British Memorial Garden all the way down Stone Street and into the plaza area south of Stone Street. It even covers some of Coenties Slip to Water Street, extending to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza across the street.

Check out my guided tour (though, it was really windy, so don’t turn your volume up too high).

I’m sure given our warmer weather this winter you’d like to head outside already. In a few short months, it will be warm all the time and we will have several new areas to enjoy free Wi-Fi outside in the great district of Lower Manhattan.

If you want more details on the WiFi program, click here.