Meet Our Staff: Zach Fox

Zach Fox joined the Downtown Alliance team in May, but he’s certainly no stranger to Lower Manhattan.  “During my tenure as a broker, I represented many Lower Manhattan property owners in leasing transactions,” he explains. “For someone who loves history, architecture, and real estate, Lower Manhattan is really as good as it gets.”

And now that Zach is a resident, as well as an employee, in Lower Manhattan, he appreciates the area even more.  “In just five minutes I can walk from the steps of Federal Hall past the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere to the World Trade Center site,” he says. “Those five minutes can tell a big story about Lower Manhattan and New York in general.”

As the Director of Retail Attraction for the Alliance, Zach’s main role is to support property owners, commercial tenants, and real estate professionals as they bring new retailers and businesses to Lower Manhattan.

“There’s nothing better than interacting with the city and its characters, so it’s the people I meet and the access to a lot of unique places that are my favorite experiences,” Zach says. “The fact that this job encourages me to shape and improve the landscape of New York City, particularly the neighborhood where I live, means everything.”