News Clip: New York City ‘Roaring Back’ After 9/11

The Epoch Times

Mayor Michael Bloomberg walked an audience through the major points of achievement in the revitalization effort on Sept. 6 at a breakfast in Lower Manhattan sponsored by the Association for a Better New York.

Downtown is now a magnet for new families and parents. Bloomberg referred to the neighborhood as the “diaper district.” Lower Manhattan residents are more likely to live with a spouse or child than a roommate, according to a report by the Downtown Alliance titled “State of Lower Manhattan 2011.” In addition, the study found that 40 percent of families without children are planning to have children in the coming years.
“We’re rebuilding what was lost, and that’s not just bricks and mortar,” stated Downtown Alliance President Elizabeth H. Berger in a press release. “Through this rebuilding process, Lower Manhattan has created a multidimensional community where families and parks can coexist with law firms and banks.”