Meet a Lower Manhattan Business: SoulCycle


Do you like spinning but hate the former drill sergeant your gym hired to yell in your face while you try to workout in a healthful and focused way? If so, SoulCycle is for you. Combining strength and cardio training while tending to the entire self is their specialty. No yelling.

Pulsing beats echo from SoulCycle’s workout room into the glass-enclosed, front atrium, an intriguing sound that makes one wonder: What’s behind the wall?  It’s a dimly lit, mirror-lined special studio that has resistance bands anchored to a sliding track above each bike for a one-of-a-kind 45-minute, full-body workout or an hour-long, full endurance ride.

It’s pay by the class, no memberships, so check their schedule online to learn more and see what works for you.  This distinctive exercise center also offers Soulteen, a workout designed for teenagers, including tunes.


103 Warren Street