Love to the Lad’s

Renee_Lads Closing

As I returned from vacation last month, one of my coworkers asked me if I’d heard that Little Lad’s Basket was closing. I thought he was joking … until lunchtime. That’s when I saw the announcement in the window with my own eyes.

The owner said he was looking for a place in the area to relocate, and I was hopeful that Little Lad’s would find a new home nearby. But by August 15, a new sign was in the window saying Little Lads would be relocating to Delancey Street.

As I wrote in a Lower Manhattan Diary blog last year, I have loved going to Little Lad’s every day since it opened in 2006, and not just because of its unique and delicious food. I loved the warm welcome I got when I walked in the door.  I loved the cozy atmosphere. And if I wanted a conversation, the workers at Little Lads were never too busy.

Changing my lunch routine after five years isn’t easy.  So far I have found one salad bar that I really like and I am going to try other places.  A few of my coworkers gave me suggestions of places to try.  I am sure that eventually I will find a new place that I really look forward to going to.  There are plenty of them in the neighborhood. I just have to find the perfect one for me.

And when the Little Lads opens in its new location, I will make an attempt to take the train there for lunch occasionally.  It shouldn’t take me too long to get there.