News Clips: July 18-22, 2011

Making Census Of It: Lower Manhattan Thrives One Decade After 9/11
It was a neighborhood in limbo, reeling from devastation and loss in 2001. A decade later, Lower Manhattan has resurfaced as one of the fastest growing areas in the city.

Co-Working Space ‘Hive at 55′ Helps Freelancers Battle Isolation
NY Convergence
In NY, co-working space Hive at 55 has allowed interactions between independent members, such as a Web designer creating websites for others in the community.

Working Separately, Together
The New York Times
Co-working is about more than people sharing desks. Interactions within the community will lead to new ideas, new projects and new clients. This kind of cross-pollination has occurred at Hive at 55, a co-working space at 55 Broad Street in Lower Manhattan, where a Web designer can work alongside an app developer, an accountant, a lawyer or a freelance writer.

Lower Manhattan is surprising urban model
Crain’s New York Business
A decade after 9/11, Lower Manhattan’s new mix of homes, offices, stores and schools is redefining the sustainable community.

Miles de turistas visitan el sitio del WTC (Thousands of tourists visit the place of the WTC)
A sólo unos meses del décimo aniversario de los atentados del 11 de septiembre, la reconstrucción en la zona del World Trade Center es evidente. Y lo que antes era una atracción turística de desastre, es ahora un imán de esperanza. Luz Plasencia de NY1 Noticias, presentó el siguiente informe.
(With only a few months until the tenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, the reconstruction of the World Trade Center site is evident.  And what was once a tourist attraction of disaster, is now a magnet of hope.)