Meet Our Staff: Jeremy Schneider


Jeremy Schneider
AVP Technology and Online Communications

How long have you worked at the Downtown Alliance?
I started here about four months before my kids were born, so that’s easy. More than 8.5 years ago.

How did you land here?
Funny story. I had met a woman when I was still at the company I used to work for (an Internet company named, seriously, NAME) and she was working here and when I submitted my resume it landed on her desk and she remembered me and that got my foot in the door.

What’s your role at the Downtown Alliance?
I’ve been here so long, I’ve had many different roles. I started as the Research Director, moved to managing the database, then headed our MIS department and now oversee all things technology including Wi-Fi and the website.

But you’re a therapist by trade. This is an interesting move.
Yes, my master’s is in Marriage and Family Therapy. It’s really a good foundation to have especially when you think of the workplace as one large family. If you’re looking for a therapist, I’m your guy heh heh.

You’re responsible for Lower Manhattan’s free Wi-Fi network, and now it covers a half million square feet in Lower Manhattan. What’s the response been?
It has been extraordinary, one of the most fun projects I have ever worked on. In 2010, we had over 100,000 connections to our Lower Manhattan Wi-Fi Network – a 96% increase from 2009. Already in April and May, we had our best months ever with over 18,100 devices connected in each month, so I have a hunch this is going to be another pretty good year.

What’s in store?
We just unveiled a new hotspot at Trinity Church’s Charlotte’s Place and we’re working with Trinity on another one at their Courtyard. We are also looking at other partners and sponsors who may be interested in having their own Wi-Fi hotspots like Trinity.

Is it true you are meandering around the district to help people get to know the area better?
Actually, I’m meandering to help me get to know the district better. If it helps others as well, all the better. Even though I have worked in Lower Manhattan for more than a decade, I don’t get out of the office enough and need to learn all of the things have been changing over the past few years. So I walk around, exploring the area and reporting on what I see and my experiences.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Lower Manhattan?
Two of my favorite places are Bobby Van’s down on Broad Street (the Grill) and when I have a craving for Indian, I always go to Baluchi’s on Greenwich between Warren and Murray. My mouth waters just thinking about it. Can we go after this?

You have twins. What’s easier: managing twins or setting up Wi-Fi on 55 Water Street?
Oh, setting up Wi-Fi. Hands down. I’m always looking for new hotspots, but I’m pretty happy with the children I have.