Meet a Lower Manhattan Business: Ryan Maguire’s Ale House

Ryan Maguire

When Ryan Maguire’s Ale House was nearly destroyed by a fire in March 2010, customers sent more than 200 written letters to owners Mena and Tom Maguire with a simple message: get well, and come back soon.

In front of the charred bar, Tom posted a large “Thank You” sign, and it was quickly adorned with flowers and more cards.

The space was gutted and beautifully refinished with dark wood and an intricately etched ceiling. The back dining room was extended and bench seating was added along the wall. And the bar will soon introduce brunch service to cater to the growing residential community.

But the Maguires have always known that the neighborhood bar’s character is what really stands out, that warmth that kept patrons asking, over and over, “when are you coming back?”

Then, just before St. Patrick’s Day, Tom Maguire removed the “Thank You” sign and put a new one in its place: “Welcome Back.”

One look around the bar today, and it looks like it never left.

Ryan Maguire’s Ale House

28 Cliff Street