Meet a Lower Manhattan Business: My.Suit


You’d think a premium, custom-made suit bought at Broad and Wall streets would break the bank, but My.Suit has developed a model that lowers prices and decreases production time dramatically.

Because the four-store Manhattan chain runs its own factory and warehouse, its typical suit costs just $495 and arrives within two weeks.

And designing one—right down to coat lining colors and personalized monograms— couldn’t be easier. The elegant store includes a row of iPads that allow customers to create and order a suit without ever speaking to an associate—though Vice President James Hancock and his staff are always available to assist.

While the suit-designing experience might seem like a lot of work, more than half of My.Suit’s clients have been there before and their measurements are in the system.

“They’ll come in, pick a color and we’re good to go in 10 minutes,” Hancock said.


30 Broad Street