A New Grace Note on Stone Street: The Dazzler Arrives

President Elizabeth H. Berger stands in front of “The Dazzler” on Stone Street with four Downtown Alliance workers at the Pop-Up Pianos launch event. For more pictures of the event, visit the Alliance’s Flickr.

Downtown Alliance President Elizabeth Berger in front of “The Dazzler” on Stone Street with Downtown Alliance public safety officers at the Pop-Up Pianos launch.

A walk around Lower Manhattan often  ends with a relaxing drink or al fresco dining, but good music was on the Stone Street menu Thursday morning with the launch of the Pop-Up Pianos project.

The public art project, headed by Sing for Hope’s co-founding directors Camille Zamora and Monica Yunus, will bring 88 pianos–up from last year’s 60–to parks and public spaces across the five boroughs of New York City.

The pianos are available for anyone to play, and Downtown Alliance President Elizabeth H. Berger did just that at the launch event.

The New York City Housing Authority Youth Chorus made a special appearance as well, gathering around “The Dazzler” and spreading the joy.

The pianos will be available to the public from Saturday, June 18 to Saturday, July 2. Then they will be donated to local schools, hospitals, and community organizations where they will continue to spread the music. For more pictures, click here.