Meet a Lower Manhattan Business: Toloache Taqueria


The Americanization of tacos and burritos has helped us forget where they actually come from, but one trip to Toloache Taqueria will take you back to Mexico.

Chef Julian Medina, a Mexico City native and Iron Chef competitor, introduces unique flavor pairings that thrill.

Consider his tacos, available for two bucks each on Tuesdays from noon to 5 o’clock.

Your options include Negro Modello-braised brisket with tomatillo salsa and Mexican chocolate-glazed pork with chipotle-cabbage slaw.

Those and other combinations are available in burrito and sandwich form, too. There are also salads, soups and desserts, like a luscious flan, that are just as authentic and flavorful.

Toloache Taqueria

83 Maiden Lane