An Audio Guide to the Broadway Canyon of Heroes

Yankees Parade 2009 web

Lower Manhattan visitors wondering what those granite strips along lower Broadway signify will now have a convenient answer. Yesterday, we unveiled a Canyon of Heroes podcast, a ten-minute audio guide to the history and legacy of the famed parade route from Battery Park to City Hall. The podcast is available on CultureNOW’s website, itunes and a free iphone app, CultureNOW: A Guidebook for the Museum Without Walls, Lower Manhattan.

The 10-minute podcast is narrated by our President, Elizabeth H. Berger, and was recorded and edited by our AVP of Technology and Online Communcation–and newly renowned Lower Manhattan meanderer–Jeremy Schneider.

What can you learn when you listen?

Well, for nearly a century and a quarter, some of history’s most notable individuals and sports teams have been honored with ticker-tape parades along the route, starting the with Statue of Liberty dedication in 1886. The Downtown Alliance launched Lower Manhattan’s version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003 to commemorate the Canyon of Heroes’ parades with a series of black granite strips set into the sidewalks of the route.

There are more than 200 markers, identifying pioneers of air and space travel, soldiers, sailors and sea captains, heads of state, politicians, firefighters, journalists, athletes and even a virtuoso pianist.

So take a listen! And then take a walk (albeit when the weather is better) up Broadway to discover these gems for yourself.