Meet a Downtown Business: Fetch Club


Each week, the Downtown Alliance features a local business. This week, we’ll introduce you to Fetch Club, a “private members’ club and hotel” for dogs on South Street.

There was a time when pampering your dog meant providing a nice bowl, a few treats and a rubber toy.

No longer.

At Fetch Club, Rover’s got options: A treadmill ride while watching cartoons on a mini flatscreen; a Japanese MicroBubble bath; a Dead Sea mud mask; an infrared sauna; and a multi-course dinner, including an entree of the day (cost: market price).

At this 13,000 square foot, multi-level playground, dogs are “members” who can stick around for the after-hours nightclub (with spinning disco ball), or enjoy the community penthouse (human bed and 80” flatscreen included). Of course, Fetch Club also provides grooming, teeth cleaning and obedience training so they’re at their best when they hit the club.

“We wanted to create an environment for the urban dog,” said Peter Balestrieri, who opened Fetch in October with his girlfriend, Janna Lee. Did he mean urbane?

Fetch Club
85 South Street