Mess Around Downtown: October 18, 2010


Welcome back to Mess Around Downtown!

Happy Autumn Downtowners! Well, it’s official, Downtown retail has gone to the dogs. Read on below to find out why that’s a good thing. Also, creative salad and a couple of new places to dress up your feet make their Lower Manhattan debuts. You can find anything you need with our handy Downtown Directory. Feel free to email me at Thanks.


Fetch Club85 South Street: 212.401.8199

Don’t call this 13,000 square-foot dog paradise a “dog daycare”. It’s a club, spa, hotel, fitness center, boutique, and general canine appreciation mecca all rolled into one. Become a member and your best friend will have access to the amazing 3,000 square-foot indoor lawn, personal training sessions, microbubble baths, Reiki massages, treadmills with flatscreen TV’s, a private suite in the hotel, and long walks with a certified handler. You must stop in to see its eclectic collection of dog apparel, toys, treats, beds, and even beer. The owners will win you over with their genuine love and passion for our furry four-legged friends.


Chop’t – 80 Pine Street: 917.338.4803

Eating your vegetables is easy when they’re this good. This is the sixth Chop’t to open in Manhattan, and Downtown herbivores are devouring these fresh and creative salads. Eat a Fall Classic with pears, walnuts, turkey, blue cheese, mesclun, romaine, and cider vinaigrette. Chop’t does roughage filled sandwiches, too. Like the Chop’t po’ boy; mmmm fried chicken, cheddar cheese, tomato, red onion, and romaine wrapped in a whole wheat flatbread.


Mauri92 Chambers Street: 212.608.2590

Hey, all of you luxurious urbanites out there.You like fancy Italian shoes? There is no need to get on a plane and fly across the pond for eight hours to obtain a pair of shiny, handmade Italian perfection for your feet. Just swing by Mauri Shoes and choose from super dressy to oh-so-casual styles made form alligator, ostrich, suede, and baby crocodile. The Mess Around is saving up for the Spider.


Business Updates and Changes

Easy Spirit shoe company has moved its location across the street to 183 Broadway, where Pylones used to be.

Se Ja Meh at 114 Greenwich Street has closed.

Burritoville at 36 Water Street has closed.


As always, thank you for being on the lookout and please continue to send any changes you come across to