Meet a Downtown Business: Volume Black


Each week, the Downtown Alliance will feature a local business. This week, we’d like to fill you in on a recently opened art gallery on Washington Street.

Volume Black’s Adam Berman gets it: Not everyone wants to spend $30,000 on art. Still, people want quality.

So he tailored his first-floor gallery space in the Greenwich South area to fit those requirements. All displayed work is by recent MFA graduates from top schools, ensuring great value.

The current show, Triumph of Now, opened October 15 and spotlights paintings, sculpture and design by artists Steven Shein, Joseph Wolf Grazi, Karen Seapker, Zoe Nelson, Yun-Woo Choi and Daniel McFarlane. The show focuses on the juxtaposition of color and form, shape of objects and overlapping dimensions. The works capture a moment frozen in time, and invite the viewer to contemplate the passage of time and the idea of hidden spaces. All artists demonstrate a remarkable sense of color and emotion.

The show runs through December 10.

Volume Black
89 Washington Street

Open 1 PM-8 PM, Monday-Sunday

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