Meet Downtown Alliance Public Safety Supervisor German Rosario


Every day, German Rosario patrols the streets of Downtown, offering directions and guidance, and keeping the peace. And every day, he’s all smiles.

“Coming to work every day is joy,” said Rosario, the Downtown Alliance’s Public Safety Supervisor. “I like helping in any way I can, whether it be with the homeless or just helping tourists get around downtown Manhattan.”

Rosario began at the Downtown Alliance in early 2003 as a security guard. Four years later, he was promoted to his current position. Although he says it hasn’t changed his way of doing things, he enjoys the opportunity to deal with different situations.

Rosario grew up—and still lives—on the Lower East Side. “My commute is nice and easy,” he said. “Only 20 minutes away from the Wall Street station.”

Although the commute might be a plus, it isn’t the only thing keeping Rosario nearby. “I like the rebuilding of businesses, residences and the number of people it attracts,” he said. “I like working for the Downtown Alliance very much—I hope to retire here one day.”