Community Planting Day


I can’t believe that Saturday, May 1, was my third Spring Community Planting Day at Wall Street Park!

It was the most inclusive community planting event we have had so far. Three Lower Manhattan high schools participated, along with students from Pace University, members of the Downtown Little League and workers from New York Downtown Hospital.

It’s clear that these events are becoming ingrained in the communal language of Lower Manhattan. In addition to so much wonderful local student and worker participation, neighborhood seniors came out, as well as a compost/ecology teacher from the Lower East Side Ecology Center.

Community Planting Day has also spurred greater interest in the beautification of other Downtown open spaces. It’s important that all members of our community care about having nice places for rest and contemplation—whether we’re talking about a plaza or a landscaped space.

As summer nears, I think everyone will be excited to see the result of our planting work in Wall Street Park. It will be important not just to participants, but to anyone who stops at the park and rests.

You can check out a video of the event on youtube or view photos on Flickr.