News clips: April 12 and 13, 2010

Governors Island Vision Adds Hills and Hammocks
The New York Times
Architecture review/Governors Island: Sunday’s announcement that the City of New York has reached a deal to take control of the island from the state and will push ahead with a plan that includes a 2.2-mile-long waterfront promenade and a 40-acre park, offers reassuring evidence that even in difficult times it is possible to get the tricky balance between public good and private interests right — or at least right enough.

Where to Live in 2014
New York Magazine
Everyone wants to spot the next Soho or Park Slope. Ten real-estate experts offer their nominees, and the Financial District made the list.

New York City Takes Over Governors Island
The New York Times
After more than a year of negotiations, New York City has reached a deal to take control of Governors Island from the state, moving a prime 172-acre piece of waterfront real estate into the hands of a land-starved city and closer to an ambitious redevelopment, city and state officials announced on Sunday.