At The Hive: Hashtag #Ashtag


They left last night… happily!

While using the twitter hashtag #ashtag, the Plant team, a Copenhagen based digital ad company, documented their journey in New York – a trip that became extended as a result of the Icelandic volcanic eruption.

But, they didn’t let some volcanic ash disrupt their workflow!  Instead, the entire team of 11 hopped into cabs toting all of their luggage and made their way down to the Hive at 55.  You can check out their blog ( documenting their journey, with geo-tagged photos no less!

After a week attending conferences and some visits to tourist destinations thrown into the mix, the Plant team knew they needed to get some work accomplished for their clients. Having followed the Hive on twitter (@hiveat55) for several months, they reached out to us the night before, with an email subject line stating: “We’re stranded for a day and need a temporary office.”

We were happy to help!

Plant rolled into the Hive (literally!) with their Macs, iPhones, newly purchased iPads and, not to forget, lots of power convertors. All they required were desks to sit at and a WiFi hotspot. They fit right in with all of our fellow Hive members, similarly tech-minded professionals who also frequently work remotely. We managed to distract them from their work throughout the day with some interviews by media – radio, television and print – but all in all, they had a few hours of normalcy in a rather disruptive week.

As Jens, co-founder of Plant, said hesitantly: “We should be leaving today…hopefully.” Their plane took off just a few hours later. While we enjoyed having Plant here for the day, we hope they made it home safely, and we’ll keep the coffee brewing for their return, anytime!

(You can see more photos of the stranded co-workers on our Flickr Page)