The Hive at 55 – The Rise of Silicon Alley

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With the change in the economic climate, it seems the talk of the town is no longer about FIRE (finance, insurance, real estate) but about the rise in the tech industry in New York City. All the press is covering it, from The New York Times and New York Observer, to bloggers and even international media.

While personally being new to this tech and media industry (just about as new as the Hive is!), it already appears to me that there is so much infrastructure out there to support this startup economy that is really taking off in the city.  There’s an event I want to participate in almost every night of the week (check out Gary’s Guide for a great listing of events), from tech demos to venture capitalist presentations to informal networking events –- its all there. is such a tremendous resource for the tech industry, a great opportunity to learn new skills in your field and network with other technologist folks.

And in my brief time in this tech and media world, it’s amazing how many personal connections that I have already made.  I found it astounding that when I looked around the room at the Entrepreneurs Roundtable event (by the way, a terrific monthly event now in its second year) I went to this week that I knew a good ten people in the room. Not only do I know these people, but they are all tremendously supportive. Everyone has been so fantastic and welcoming –- introducing me to additional people I should meet or making connections for people to come check out the Hive.  There is such a great pool of talented interesting people here in New York that it’s no wonder there’s been so much buzz about the rise of Silicon Alley.

Everyday at the Hive I learn more about and from our members. The creative economy is definitely on the rise here, and it’s so fascinating hearing about startups, ventures, and new ideas.  I think the Hive is just one more to add to the list of tech startup resources in the city.  As we continue to grow I hope the Hive can become an even greater asset to the tech community –- and a resource to our members and the New York City community at large.