Organic Downtown

Kale Salad

Ever wonder where you can pick up some fresh, organic kale in the neighborhood?  Probably not, but maybe you should.  Known as one of the healthiest foods on earth, kale should be a staple in everyone’s fridge just like milk or eggs.

Downtown is home to healthy, organic food that is easy to pick up for lunch, bring home for dinner or for the weekend.  Take notice of the many delicious ways you can add a healthy boost to your lifestyle just by popping into some of the great establishments in our neighborhood.

How lucky are Downtowners to have the world’s largest retailer of natural and organic foods in their backyard?  Whole Foods is just a short walk away and can even be accessed by hopping on the Downtown Alliance’s free Connection Bus.

The Amish Market offers a wide selection of organic foods too, including many products that come straight from Amish sellers in Lancaster, PA.  They also fill those special dietary niches such as wheat or gluten free food.

Located at 99 John Street, Jubilee Market Place offers a good selection of organic foods ,but the best part is that they are open 24 hours.  So now you can eat healthy any time of the day or night.

You can even give a gift of healthy, organic products by visiting Provisions at the South Street Seaport.  Their delicious treats and home items can be shipped anywhere in the country.

And if all those great Retailers weren’t enough, Downtown has its own Farmers’ Market, known as The Bowling Green Greenmarket. It is held outdoors at Bowling Green Plaza every Tuesday and Thursday from 8am-5pm. Use this market to pick up your fresh fruit, crisp vegetables, dairy products and baked goods.  It’s an easy pit-stop on the way to and from work, and convenient to the Staten Island Ferry as well as the R, W, 1, 4 & 5 subway lines.

So back to kale: the next time you want a healthy snack, side dish or meal try this quick and easy recipe:

Tear 8-10 kale leaves (preferably the better tasting Tuscan kale which is also called Lacinato, black or dinosaur kale) into small bite-size pieces removing the stem and inner spine of each leaf.  In a separate bowl, mince one small shallot, squeeze in half a lemon and whisk in a half cup of extra virgin olive oil. Pour over kale and toss.  Top off by adding thin shavings of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and enjoy!  Turn into a meal by adding grilled organic chicken strips or jumbo shrimp.