Mess Around Downtown: March 10, 2010


Welcome back to Mess Around Downtown!

It feels like Spring outside. Time to start planning your Downtown garden. Time to do your taxes. Time to go outside and play. Mess Around has got you covered. Below you’ll find the new additions to the Downtown Directory. Don’t be afraid to e-mail me at to let me know about new retailers and changes to existing ones. Thanks.


Manhattan Plant Design Experts 250 Front Street: 212-367-9667

After twenty years of designing and caring for the plants and flowers of the commercial and corporate NYC communities, these green thumbed experts have opened a showroom to the public. Help them help you by stopping by and finding out what plant type you are. I’m a Ficus. Hang out with their bird, Lucas, while you browse their ever evolving unique plant and flower selection. Use their knowledge to help you design your interior and exterior plantscapes for good spring feelings.


Lei Restaurant – 25 Peck Slip: 212-766-5288

Peck Slip is lighting it up these days. This shiny new Asian fusion joint is offering Malysian, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. The menu has Malaysian style Pad Thai, seafood tom yum soup, dumplings, and banh mi. I’ll be eating here soon and the bar will be open until 4am.


H&R Block 5 Hanover Square: 212-785-1216

If you are looking for the H&R Block that used to reside at 30 Broad Street, this is their new home. Taxes. You gotta do your taxes.


Vacancy Alert

Foot Locker at 55 Fulton Street has closed.


As always, thank you for being on the lookout and please continue to send any changes you come across to