Mess Around Downtown: February 18, 2010

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Welcome back to Mess Around Downtown!

Winter can’t stop me from walking my beat, and it sure didn’t stop new retailers from opening over the past few weeks. This edition of Mess Around will help you: find a place to live Downtown, get your beach body (and soul) on, drink the freshest cup of coffee you’re going to find in Lower Manhattan, try a new burger, and eat fresh. If you see any new retailers, or changes to existing retailers, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at and let me know.


New York Residence 63 Wall Street: 212-840-1616

If you’re thinking of moving to Lower Manhattan (as many are these days) you must let New York Residence help you find your next abode. They are the only residential real estate business in the Wall Street area with a retail storefront. Their space is welcoming, and I recommend you stop by to meet their Downtown Agents and surf their Macs for your next home.


SoulCycle – 103 Warren Street: 212-406-1300

Do you like Spinning but hate the former drill sergeant your gym hired to yell in your face while you try to workout in a healthful and focused way? If so, SoulCycle is for you. Combining strength and cardio training while tending to the entire self is their specialty. No yelling. They built a special studio that has resistance bands anchored to a sliding track above your bike for their one-of-a-kind class. It’s pay by the class, no memberships, so check their schedule online to learn more and see what works for you.


Beta Coffee 50 Fulton Street: 212-300-4311

Stop by this new little caffeine fixation station for a seriously fresh cup of joe. Every individual cup is ground and french pressed just for you. The result was a really clean and uplifting body of flavor that would be good on its own, for an afternoon pick me up, or after a meal.


1834 Bar & Burger – 62 Pearl Street: 212-248-4848

Remember Perle? The french restaurant that used to be in this space? Well, Perle is now 1834 Bar & Burger. Everything looks the same as it did before and the same people still own it. They just changed their cuisine and transformed their menu to an American specialty burger theme. Apparently hungry Wall Streeters prefer their meat ground and grilled rather than bound and braised.


Subway111 Broadway: 212-227-6323

Eat Fresh at the newest Subway to join the neighborhood.


Vacancy Alert

Papoo’s Italian Cuisine at 55 Broadway has closed.


As always, thank you for being on the look out and please continue to send any changes you come across to