Daily Clips: February 8 and 9, 2010

Here are the latest news clips:

February 9

Related, Durst, Vornado, Brookfield, Hines and Boston Vie for 1 WTC
The New York Observer
Six major real estate companies put in offers to the Port Authority last Friday for space at 1 World Trade Center.

In City Real Estate, Old Clans Are Shrewd Again
The New York Times
Now that some of the record-breakers are desperately trying to fend off lenders or teetering at the edge of bankruptcy, the city’s royal real estate families are looking like wise veterans.

Rental firm Blackstone wins market share, and critics, in Lower Manhattan
The Real Deal
A profile of Downtown developer Kevin Ellerton.

February 8

What’s Happening in Lower Manhattan
The Stoler Report
Downtown Alliance President Elizabeth H. Berger appeared on this local real estate program to discuss Lower Manhattan (2/1 show).

No Reservations
The New York Observer
A look at Harlem’s history through the prism of the Hotel Theresa.