Bee Careful What You Wish For

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This is just my second blog post on the Downtown Diary and already I’m revealing my deepest, darkest secrets. I’m really into weather. I mean: forecast models, hurricane tracking, comparing the personalities of our local meteorologists (I met Janice Huff!), and of course, worshipping Jim Cantore. Last week there were lots of predictions of the impending “snowpocalypse” across the Eastern Seaboard, and perhaps because I like the snow I didn’t pay much attention to the details; I was convinced we were going to get walloped.

Because I’m here at the Hive at 55 every day, I’m getting to know our members quite well. And last Friday I sat by the door and wished everyone a happy, snowy weekend. “Are you taking your kids to Central Park to go sledding? “I hope you like the snow, it’s gonna be a doozy!” “I don’t know if we are even going to be open on Monday!”

Boy did I miss that one. We all know how the weekend turned out: zero snow fell in Central Park and really no snow fell north of central New Jersey. But as I write this post, another storm is on the way. I’ve done my research and can make this promise: there will be snow on the ground when you read this! And of course now I don’t want a complete snowmageddon because Wednesday night is the Hive’s first Happy Hour at  Harry’s Café.There are more than 30 people who have signed up to go to this event and the Hive is so thrilled to know people want to come out and support us. Knock on wood –- but for what -– no blizzard? Brave Hivers? We’ll see.

The members of the Hive have made a commitment to work here and I don’t think foul weather will hold them back. But as I schedule more events and Meetups here at the Hive, every organizer seems to have a horror story thanks to Mother Nature. Hopefully fans of the Hive will emulate (the first half of) the Postman’s Creed, and come to some of our upcoming events that occur in the evening: NYC Hadoop’s Introduction to HBase on February 11, Website Bootcamp on February 18, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing on February 25, all beginning at 6:30pm at the Hive.

I’m glad to say that we’re getting into a routine here. Nearly every Thursday you can expect an informative Meetup, as well as monthly happy hours and free lunches for members. We are also working on more workshops organized by our members and friends of the Hive, so keep checking our event page to learn more about exciting programming options. And as much as I like the snow, let’s not have these weekly snow storms be part of the routine.