Baoguette is Open at 9 Maiden Lane

The line nearly stretched out the door on this frigid Tuesday but it moved quickly. And the piquant smell of Vietnamese sandwiches is more than enough to keep you happy while waiting.

Baoguette, for over a year a staple of the Gramercy office lunch set, has opened Downtown. On my first visit, it was delicious.

The pork terrine and pate in the namesake Baoguette sandwich is moist, compact and studded with whole black peppercorns. A whole black peppercorn is a fine thing to bite into. The cilantro sprigs and shredded carrots are fresh and cool. The hot peppers — which you should ask for — provide appropriate heat. My colleague ordered the catfish sandwich and particularly enjoyed the pickled red onion and honey mustard that accompany it.

Tomorrow I’ll return to try the shrimp and green papaya salad.

My universe of Downtown lunch options has been transformed. And when you try Baoguette, yours will be too.