Mess Around Downtown: November 6, 2009

Welcome back to Mess Around Downtown!

Hello Downtowners. New retailers are moving in and changing the Downtown scene all the time. Which means the Downtown Directory is constantly evolving. This week brings you a new kosher restaurant, an eco-friendly dry cleaner and a couple of new cell phone stores to spend your Downtown dollars. Below are the changes I’ve come across this past week. If you see any new retailers or any changes to existing retailers, please email me at Thanks!


Fresh Cleaners – 300 Rector Place: 212-945-7777,

Battery Park City’s newest retailer is dedicated to providing fast, friendly and environmentally friendly service. But wait, there’s more. Not only will they clean your clothes, but they’ll come to your home and clean that too.


Circa NY – 111 Fulton Street: 212-608-6180,

Oh so tasty, oh so kosher and oh so healthy. This place is catering to a health conscious clientele. Breakfast starts at 7:00am and goes until 11:00am. Stop by for lunch and create your own salad, have a wrap, eat a pizzette or hit up the pasta bar. Clearly they have a large selection to choose from and when I was in there the place was busy busy busy.


Metro Wireless Authorized Verizon Retailer – 38 Park Row: 212-571-7300

Anything and everything that is related to Verizon Wireless is in this store.


Sprint – 120 Water Street: 212-269-7100

Anything and everything that is related to Sprint is in this store.


Vacancy Alert

20 John Street- Bread & Olive has closed


As always, thank you for being on the look out and please continue to send any changes you come across to