Mess Around Downtown: November 18, 2009

DowntownDirectoryWelcome back to Mess Around Downtown!

Hello Downtowners. First off I’d like to remind you to use the Downtown Directory. It is an excellent tool to decide what to eat, find where to hang out, look for a place to volunteer, discover where community organizations reside and plan to do whatever it is you do Downtown. Use it!

Aaah yes, Downtown. Where businesses come to be fruitful and multiply. People are hungry down here from working hard all day. That’s why this week’s edition of Mess Around features existing places to eat that have opened up another store Downtown. These retailers are working for you, the Downtowner, shortening your walk to your favorite place.

Below are the changes I’ve come across this past week. If you see any new retailers or any changes to existing retailers, please email me at Thanks!


Taz Cafe – 54 Pine Street: 212-344-9100,

This is the second Taz to open in Lower Manhattan. The other Taz is at 84 William Street. Open for Breakfast with plenty of healthy options like Greek omelettes for $3.95.  For lunch create your own salad, have some pizza or choose from an abundance of sandwiches. They cater too.


Pret A Manger – 101 Maiden Lane: 646-810-2425,

This marks the arrival of Pret #3 to Downtown. So, this is excellent news if you’re a Pret fan and don’t have time to get to the other locations at 60 Broad Street or 50 Broadway. Opened last week with all of the fresh made goodness that Pret brings to the table.


Cafe Bravo – 11 Hanover Square: 212-785-8383,

This place closed for renovations for so long I thought they had given up. But now they’re open again and serving up create your own sandwiches and salads, specialty wraps and an “egg stravaganza” of a breakfast. They cater too.


AT&T – 40 Water Street: 212-742-0910

A man named Jay owns and runs this new store. I recommend visiting him if you would like a personal and satisfying relationship with your wireless provider. Anything and everything that is related to AT&T wireless is in this store.


Extended Hours Alert

George’s Hair Styling located at 60 Beaver Street is now open Saturdays from 11:00am – 6:00pm


Vacancy Alert

125 Fulton Street- RHX has closed

As always, thank you for being on the look out and please continue to send any changes you come across to